NANCE Brody is a Canadian Singer/Songwriter, performing LIVE for virtual audiences around the world on a daily basis.   NANCE has performed for going on 15 years online, performs daily for the online community Straight and Rainbow communities alike.   She is very proud of being an openly out Lesbian, a songwriter who isn’t afraid to write about mature grown up subjects that include whats going on in the world today. NANCE writes and brilliantly performs her own beautiful acoustic original love songs, spiritual, songs, fun sexy songs and she covers serious topics including breakups, heart ache, loneliness, homophobia, equality, subjects that are near and dear to her audiences hearts and her own heart.  NANCE uses her music to help in anyway she can to raise awareness, she helps her audiences wile away the hours and is there to soothe the broken hearts if need be.    Her shows are meant for grownup audiences,her fans know this and love this about her!

When the Closed Minded, Immature or The Weak of Heart come to her shows, it usually doesn’t take them long to head out the door and with a smile and a giggle NANCE says “That’s okay too and if they really wanted me not to sing about issues that bother them, they would buy me out I suppose”.

If you are enjoy NANCE’s  Live shows,  please take the time to show your appreciation Tips/Donations are appreciated To Leave NANCE a tip please Hit Tip Artist Button and log into your PayPal account.  Also, if you would like to show your appreciation in another way, you can always leave her a tip in world.


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